What is SoccerBrawl?

It's the future of action-sport gaming!

In the battle arena of our solar system mayhem reigns. I present to you SoccerBrawl. The action sports game where you are encouraged to be violent in order to succeed. Forget fair play, to get that ball and control the game you must first take out your opponents.

Soccerbrawl will inevitably evolve to meet the needs of the users, but, in its initial conception it will be set up with a 3rd person view (think of ‘Smite’ for a reference of how this would look). We are here for fun and not to take everything so seriously; though there will be elements of challenge and rivalry; this game is all about enjoying the experience.

So with this in mind, a large chunk of the UI and graphics will have that ‘hand drawn’ feel and look; but with a crisp finish to it.

The initial gameplay/arena will be as follows:

7 vs 7 standard arena.
1 Keeper, 6 Outfield players.

5 vs 5 standard arena.
1 Keeper, 4 Outfield players.

3 vs 3 Caged arena
No set positions. No dedicated keeper.

Project Boom Boom.
This will be kept secretive initially as we look to develop new ideas and new game play to make your game even more enjoyable. Don’t think that’s possible? You’ll just have to wait and see!

There will be additional gameplays and arenas as the game is developed

Overall Gameplay

What you have to do

There will be a queue system. Players can join together as a team with friends; they can then enter a queue and look for other teams ready to play; however, if there are no matching teams then teams of individual players will be formed to make a game.

Players will then go through to a position selection screen (with a time limit) to select and organise players. There must always be 1 keeper. If no player selects the keeper position, then it will be randomly given to a player.

If there are more players than game-slots; these players are put into a ‘sub-queue’ and either are brought in by the team captain or are brought in at a timed interval; replacing the weakest member of the team, who is then placed on the sub-queue to await their turn.

The player coming in will need to be a direct replacement for the position they are taking; for example, a midfielder can only replace a midfielder; but they can be of an alternative style of midfielder.

Players can also vote for keeper swaps, but, not when the ball is in their own half. Players can deny a vote to change. If this occurs then no swap will be made. However if the team votes in favour of a swap. Then the designated team captain may choose what player will swap with the keeper.

Should a player decide to break the rules of the game. As set in TOS or EULA then they will receive punishments; ranging from ‘time-outs’, to complete lockouts from the game will occur (this is done in order to keep game fluidity).

How will we keep servers and the game development going?

While the game will be free to play, with no initial purchase and no pay to win scenario's; the game will need to be self-supporting. To achieve this the game will have a micro transaction system where players will be able to purchase ‘in-game’ tokens. This token currency can then be used to purchase an array of game enhancing options. These can be ‘skins’ for characters/positions, ‘icons’, ‘squad’ icons, ‘voice’ packs, ‘announcer’ packs,’ game music’ packs and finally guns/weaponry to get your revenge with after those matches you lose.

In Game Purchases

Skins – Each character/position will have new and exciting skins released each and every month. These will give you ascetic looks only, hey will have no bearing on gameplay, other than making you look amazing.

Icons – These will be a form of identity; you will be able to set your icon to any that you hold in your icon inventory. These will show ‘in-squad’/team channels and ‘on-friends’ lists.

Squad Icons – This again is a form of identity but this time for your squad; you can use a default icon or upload one (this will be checked by staff before acceptance); for an extra fee you can have one made by the ‘Soccerbrawl’ design team to be completely unique as a squad.

Voice Packs – These will be ‘skin specific’; each voice pack will be ‘as per’ position - if you purchase a voice pack for a set position - all skins you own will produce a voice that is specific to that skin.

Announcer Packs – These are as described: They will announce various ‘game play’ activities, such as; goals, saves and other important game information as the game goes on. These packs will give you unique and amazing voices to guide you through your experience.

Guns/Weaponry – So you lost a game! Want to seek revenge? At the end of each match you can do this - So why not buy that bazooka you have been eyeing up in the store? Perhaps you want a tommy gun or a desert eagle style weapon? The game will provide these weapons with unlimited ammo and loads of fun.

Kicks and tackles

Skills you use in game

5 kicks types available.

Pass: This is a very short, slow but steady pass along the ground.
Low Kick: This is a low fast kick along the ground with some distance on it.
High Kick: This is a similar length and speed as Low Kick except at the middle point of the kicks arch it will clear a player’s head; it can also be used for top corner shots.
Lob: This kick is a very long kick that has both length and height to it. It will go a long distance which can be further enhanced if sprinting, and can even be used when back-pedalling as a short lob. The distance and height are dependent on the player’s direction and speed when kicked.
Back-pass: This kick can be used for tricks, to get out of situations or pass to another player who is running on. It is a very small back-heel/rollback and It will also be dependent on the speed and direction of a player when used.

2 differing attacks/tackles available.

You don't tackle the ball, you tackle the player!

Shoulder Charge: A short ranged strike in the direction the player faces. This uses a set amount of energy by the user, and when used against a player of the opposite team it causes damage to their energy.
Hand Shove: A player can push another player with a hand shove; this will move them slightly per push. A set amount of energy is used per push by the user, however, when a player is shoved it does not damage their energy level but does move them out of the way.
Other attacks may be added and tested over time.

Controls and fun



PC – WASD with mouse controlling direction; 1,2,3,4,5 will be the default keys for the kicks - activate the kick by pressing the button and then left click to kick - right click to cancel a kick.

To shoulder charge you use Q and to Shove use ‘E’ to activate and then left click to use that checking ability.

Various macro bindings for calls/emotes will be bound to keys with multiple variations. E.g. VHH for Hello chat text and vocal voice pack announcements to all the team.

Weapon Shooting

When a game ends, players will be able to load their favourite weapon and go on a shooting rampage. What does this mean? Well not a lot really; it will simply be a way to seek revenge for a loss or just have a few minutes to shoot up your opponents and have a bit of fun. Players can upgrade weapons through a Tokens system

Player Rewards

Players of casual ‘one-off’ games, and regular league games will receive a set amount of ‘Mvp points’ per game; winners receive more than the losing side. These points can be spent buying ‘skins’, ‘icons’ and more, as a reward for playing the game.

Player positions

Positions and types

Goalkeeper (Max 1)

Reflex Keeper – Faster movement with a sideward strafe.
Positional Keeper – Faster forward and backwards movement.

Defenders (Max 3)

Positional – More Energy (About 850) but slightly slower than normal defender by 0.2%. Slightly longer Lob.
Dynamic – Normal default energy (About 600) with default speed movement. Slightly faster High kick.
Wingback – Slightly less Energy than normal defender (About 450) but with +0.2% speed of regular player. Slightly faster pass to do 1 – 2's with.

Midfielders (Max 3)

Holding – More Energy (About 600) but slightly slower than normal Midfielder by 0.2%.
Winger – Slightly less Energy than normal midfielder (About 400) but with +0.3% speed of regular player. Slightly faster pass to do 1 – 2's with.
Playmaker - Normal default energy (About 500) with default speed movement. Slightly faster High kick.

Attacker (Max 2)

Target - More Energy (About 480) but slightly slower than normal attacker by 0.2% - Slightly faster low kick.
Forward – Slightly less Energy than normal attacker (About 380) but with +0.35% speed of regular player. Slightly faster pass to do 1 – 2's with.

Players league

Competative play

The overall aim is to become a member of a major gaming league for worldwide competitions. Such as; ‘Major League Gaming’ etc and to have prize pool championships for pro-teams; additionally, to also give the best amateur teams a chance to compete against the pro-teams.

League play will be pretty simple: It will be a games setup with team positions in tables.

Players will earn points for game wins, goals, assists, tackles and much more (abuse by ‘statistics padders’ will be dealt with through report system).

Points earned will have an effect on energy levels (ELO). To ensure fairness, players will play against other players of a similar ELO; a ‘banding’ system will be devised to ensure that there is not a ‘miss-match’, where players are set against others who are really good or novices. These bands will be decided prior to the league going live.

There will be league play and therefore, will be a championship for pro teams to play in. This championship will raise funds through ‘in game’ purchases of *tokens* which can be used to acquire specific items for sale in the championship campaign. The ‘sales pot’ will be the overall prize pool for the tournament. Again anything purchased will have no effect on actual in game ability or play.

The top teams from the regular league games will be given an official invite to tournaments against the best squads; giving them a chance to earn some of the prize pool themselves.

Video Promotional

Fast paced, intense action.

Coming Soon.



Wherever humankind resides, conflict is never far behind. The Collective wars have raged for decades upon decades. The Titan Militia and other factions from Earth's space colonies have declared war on the Collective Military authority and only death and destruction can prevail; or does it?

Where there is discord and war, there is also hope and a longing for peace. Regardless of who’s fault the war is or which side you are on, there is always an alternative; something that brings the warring factions together in an environment where hatred gives way to hope, peace and friendly competition. Though they are rivals in the ‘Soccerbrawl’ arenas; there is a fostering of mutual respect between foes. But ultimately there can only ever be one team that wins.
The hopes of nations, factions and even entire planets lay solely on a few great players. Each of these players represent their nations and factions with skill and pride in the ‘Soccerbrawl’ arenas.

Can you inspire passion and deliver for your side? Enter the fray and show your fans what you can do!

  • Icon

    Defence: Centerback

    Position: Positional Centre Back
    Name: Diesel
    Physique: Tall, Physically imposing.
    Abilities: Big Checking, Positionally great but slightly slower than other players.
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Europanian. Descended from Caucasian European settlers.
    Sponsors: Europan Mercs
  • Icon

    Defence: Centerback

    Position: Dynamic Centre Back
    Name: Mystro
    Physique: Tall, Slender.
    Abilities: Great at tackling and being in and around the ball. Not the biggest check but it works.
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Earthian, Descended from Caucasian North American settlers.
    Sponsors: Collective Military
  • Icon

    Defence: Wingback

    Position: Wingback
    Name: LowKey
    Physique: Small, Athletic.
    Abilities: Fast up and down the pitch. Doesn't have very much energy or damage with their checking. But the speed more than makes up for that.
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Titanite, Descended from Black Africans settlers.
    Sponsors: African Legion, Titan Militia
  • Icon

    Midfield: Playmaker

    Position: Playmaker
    Name: Akanbo
    Physique: Small, Slim.
    Abilities: Got the speed, skills to create chances. She is still essential for every team.
    Plays in midfield as a link between Defence, Midfield and the strikers.
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Unknown, Descended from Asian settlers.
    Sponsors: Faraday Pirates
  • Icon

    Midfield: Holding

    Position: Holding/Anchor
    Name: Crews
    Physique: Big, Strong build
    Abilities: Hard Checking power. Standard Speed, very much there to break up the play.
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Tethonian, Descended from Afro-Caribbean settlers.
    Sponsors: Tethys Consortium
  • Icon

    Midfield: Winger

    Position: Winger
    Name: Switch
    Physique: Average build
    Abilities: She has some strength, enough to muscle her way past a wing back if needed. Lots of speed but very light checking ability.
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Dionite, Descended from Southern American Latino settlers.
    Sponsors: StarFire Corps
  • Icon

    Attack: Target

    Position: Target Striker
    Name: Swede
    Physique: Tall, agile, skinny but athletic looking.
    Abilities: Slow to turn with standard speed. Hard hitting. Perfect as a man to hold up play and be there to finish in front of goal.
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Phobos
    Sponsors: Phobos Militarius
  • Icon

    Attack: Complete Forward

    Position: Forward
    Name: Flash
    Physique: Short, athletic
    Abilities: Fast with standard check ability. A must to latch those through balls where a runner is needed to finish on.
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Martian, Descended from Indian settlers.
    Sponsors: Martian Consortium
  • Icon

    Goalkeeper: Reflex

    Position: Reflex Goalkeeper
    Name: Clutch
    Physique: Normal, average size
    Abilities: Able to strafe at fast speeds, a little slower at going forwards and backwards. Relies heavily on reflexes to make saves.
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Lunan. Descended from white Russian settlers.
    Sponsors: Vaarsburg Freeholders
  • Icon

    Goalkeeper: Positional

    Position: Positional Goalkeeper
    Name: House
    Physique: Large built
    Abilities: Slow going sideways but fast forwards and backwards. Great at closing down angles and being a presence.
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Titanium, Descended from White Canadian settlers.
    Sponsors: Titanium Pirates


Factions are an important part of the political world in the solar system; the factions in known operation are:

  • Titan Militia

    Originally founded in the first revolution of Titan; this is the native military force. Multiple colonies on Titan provide and train volunteers for service. Having thrown the Collective off the moon twice, this faction stands ready to defend itself from all threats.

  • Collective Remnant

    During the second Luna revolt, which spread to Earth too, the Collective was struck a mortal blow; Earth was destroyed in the process. What was left of the government and survivors of the old order fled to the Jovian moons to regroup. Now they are back at Titan; looking to remain the guiding voice of what's left of Humanity.

  • Faraday Pirates

    When the second revolution of Titan ended with the Titan Militia claiming victory, one of the supports of the revolution, John Morgan vanished without a trace. Most of his group of raiders became the Militia of today. Those who didn't care for the new government, or simply were done with marauding rejected the merger and followed Captain Horus Faraday. Today they operate from debris fields and cave bases; raiding any Collective and Titan vessels within range.

  • Europan Mercs

    Someone always has a job as a go-getter and to sabotage or kill something. These Mercs have been through it all. Twin Peaks is a major export and research hub and someone's paying these go-getters to get them a good ‘slice of the pie’; but who that is, no one knows.

  • Tethys Consortium

    Head by the Gehlen family. A large megacorp group owned by the Gehlens and other rich shareholders. They have always been a major political and business powerbase on Titan since the Tethys colony ship saved Titan years back. Now based out of their namesake moon, they are operating a small armed group in Twin Peaks, to ensure current and potential investments are protected.

  • Io Military

    When Titan, Ganymede and other key moon colonies came together for talks to create a "United Moons" group, Io was not included. In his disgust at been left out Io has declared war on Ganymede, and is now attacking Titan outposts in revenge for collaborating with Ganymede. They also hold a grudge against the Collective, attacking them when and wherever they can.

  • Starfire Corps

    Based out of Dione, this roaming fleet made up of renegade ex-Collective navy vessels. The Starfire Corps were originally an elite naval group which focused on suppressing rebels and dissidents in a brutal manner. They view the Collective Remnant as a weak former shell of what it was and no longer hold any loyalty to the old order.

  • Atlas Vanguard

    When Atlas’ orbit decayed to a point where the colonies could no longer stay, they boarded whatever vessels they could and embarked to Callisto. They were not welcomed there and war has broken out between them. The fighting has spread to Titan despite Callisto's membership in the United Moons. Atlas forces scavage. pirate and salvage anything they can to survive. Its suspected either Starfire or the Remnant was somehow responsible for the decay in the moon's orbit.

  • Callisto Irregulars

    While the bulk of the Atlas/Callisto war is taking part on Callisto, parts of the Atlas fleet has fled to Titan. Callisto itself is a United Moons member, but militia and non-military zealots hunt Atlas Vanguard forces wherever they go. It’s said that Atlas Vanguard destroyed a hospital ship evacuating mostly children. This has led to a blood fuelled hunt for Atlas Vanguard forces hoping to swiftly annihilate them

  • Titanium Pirates

    Ships in the outer ring are typically constructed with Titanium alloy; Saturn's moons happen to be very rich in Titanium. A lot of profit is to be made from mining the resource; even more when you can just take it for free. Titanium pirates typically attack the ships venting the crew out with high powered mass drivers and then gutting and cutting up the ships within hours. Colonies, mines, refineries, and orbital elevators all are targeted for raids.

  • Martian Consortium

    Megacorps controls Mars now that the Collective is far too weak to exert power over them. The Martian Consortium seeks to take over the Tethys business, by any means; Including hostile takeovers at the point of a gun. Free from any law that it respects, they have the resources and the ‘balls’ to take on colonial forces if they have to.

  • Galland Slavers

    Not even the Collective could contain these scumbags when they were in control of Titan. During all the wars, the prison colony at Galland on Titan, defeated the governmental forces there. Now it’s a den for slavers, pirates, and generally not very nice people.

  • Vaarsburg Freeholders

    Vaarsburg was built as a refugee colony by the United Moons; consisting of Luna and Earth survivors along with Jovian and Saturnian colonial refugees. It is a haven for anyone else displaced by the years of fighting across the system. The colonists have set up their own government, a corrupt and shady group that has expelled the United Moon officials and declared themselves independent. They are running low on supplies; so they are willing to do anything to survive.

  • Low Life Thugs

    The gangs of New Taiwan took in a lot of the seedier elements of the refugees over the years, and the stock piles of salvaged weapons and other gear keeps them going. They are a tribal style group, with 'heads' of the element gangs coming together and acting as a tribal council. They are currently fighting the Galland Slavers and other pirate gangs in a turf fight for the resources and credits of Twin Peaks.

What will you be helping to fund?

Funding is needed for overall development (the game is already in advanced stage of development with many aspects of it in place).

Designing and testing the game, initial server setup, procurement of amazing artists and game designers such as the one who made the logo for the game. They will be brought in to do further graphics for in game features and UI work. Additionally, there will be funding requirements for launching the game.

The funding will be used to hire freelance artists and experts to help with many various aspects.
Below is a list of aspects that funding will be used for:
Graphics - UI, HUD, Textures for Character Models, Icons, Faction Logo's. Video and site graphics. Plus much more.
Music - In game music for main screen, goals and more.
Voice work - Announcer packs, Character lines and more.
Animations - Kick and attack animations.
Pizza and drinks for those late nights and brain storming sessions.

There will inevitably be a need for contingency funds; as there are always hidden costs and set-backs; but this will be kept to a minimum and I will endeavour to ensure that all funds are spent directly on the design, development and launching of the game.

It is important that we do not rush the game out too early, but also that we do not procrastinate and let the excitement fade away (the game has to be really good on its launch).

I am asking for the amount of $50,000. Its a lot of money to raise, but, having done my ‘homework’ I feel this will give impetus and get the project going at a rapid pace looking for an early to mid 2017 release (At the very least Alpha/Beta access)!


$10 Entry to Alpha
$15 Entry to Alpha and 2 Skins
$20 Entry to Alpha and 2 Skins Plus an Icon
$25 Entry to Alpha and 2 Skins Plus an Icon and ability to add own Squad Logo
$30 Entry to Alpha and 2 Skins Plus an Icon and ability to add own Squad Logo plus 1 free premium skin per month for 12 months from official launch day.
$50 Guaranteed on first come first served choice of own Username. Should it not be taken by another investor (With restrictions applied through game decency rules). Plus entry to Alpha and 2 Skins Plus an Icon and ability to add own Squad Logo. Also 1 free premium skin per month for 12 months from official launch day.
$100 All above plus name in credits of game and thank you listing on website.
$500 All above plus signed tee shirt by dev team. With another non signed tee shirt to wear without signatures on. Will be unique one off production versions. Will not be the same as any merchandise versions.
$1000 All above plus an in game icon made in your likeness. This will be put into a category that only investors will have access to use in game.
$5000 All above plus own voice/announcer pack made/recorded for in game use by players.